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Happy Customers

These books are great! they come with tons of replacement pens incase they run out.

The pens are like a timer, my granddaughter done one entire page and went to the next page as she started the next page the pen was disappearing on the previous page. So cool because the pen erases by a certain time, I have 4 granddaughters they can share the books because the pen erases.

Super easy I love them

These lovely bags were a God Send.

So easy to use and they are very pretty. Also so easy to open as well as prepare.

No mess to pick up after them. I just folded them and they’re ready for next year.I highly recommend.

---SAM about Christmas Gift Bags

This is the best thing I've bought all year!

Gave these as gifts and they where greatly appreciated

Great product, bought one each for three of my family and they love them!!!

My sister absolutely loves these.


It was a Christmas gift for my sister, she loves them.Save a lot of space!!

I will order one for my mother’s birthday this year as a gift!!

---Jason A. McGregor about Underwear Storage Compartment Box

What a time saver!!!! Love it

It is a Christmas present for my daughter who is a cabinet maker.

So I am hoping she will like it.

I highly recommend these bags

Great idea. Perfect for Christmas presents and soooo easy!  No more messing about with sellotape that won’t do as you want it to do. Reusable too and all the gift looked so pretty under the tree.

---Dr. Hartmann about Christmas Gift Bags